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STORY….. Teapot and Saucepan

Teapot’s job was to make warm delicious drinks of tea, designed specially for that job, with a lid to keep the water hot, a handle for lifting, ready to pour the tea through it's spout. Teapot even had a lid to stop the tea spilling.

One day Teapot watched Saucepan being filled with water. Teapot knew what that felt like, but the water going into Saucepan was cold, something Teapot hadn’t experienced. Teapot wondered what it felt like.

Then Saucepan had beautiful vegetables put inside it. Teapot really liked that, the vegetables were diferent colours and sizes, more exciting than tea bags.

Saucepan sat on the hot stove for a long time. Lovely smells came from inside, until a delicious, hot, thick soup was poured into bowls.

Teapot longed for tasty soup to be made inside it, not thin watery tea. Teapot began to hate tea and 

wanted to look like Saucepan, and not be a teapot anymore.

Teapot decided the only way to become a saucepan was to look more like one, so it got rid of its spout and felt it was now a saucepan, ready to make soup.

The water went in and then the vegetables, soon the transformed teapot was on the hot stove. Teapot got hotter and hotter, but the water inside, with the vegetables, didn’t get hot at all.

Because Teapot was meant to make tea, it's pottery couldn’t cope with the heat of the stove and shattered into pieces. Tepid water and vegetables spilled everywhere, they were no good for making soup now.

 From every broken unhappy piece of itself Teapot cries, finally understanding that it was made to make tea perfectly, and Saucepan was made perfectly to cook vegetables and make soup. 

Today our young people want to look, be, and behave, in ways the world tells them they should. Unhappy with their looks, comparing themselves with others, they often have miserable lives with poor self image, anxiety and stress often leading to depression. Happiness is stolen from them. 

Families are struggling with self image too. Media, film, TV and the internet, are projecting many types of family, portraying happiness that in reality is hard to achieve.

We have worked in ministry with Young people, and families, for over thirty years. In our season of retirement we have been directed by the Lord to evolve our House of Prayer into a Sanctuary, a place offering respite, peace, some answers, and tools to equip and help young people and families. Christians and non Christians.