I have always been blessed with the gift of creativity, however over the years, complete degeneration of my body through arthritis and osteo porosis rendered the manual dexterity required to paint and draw, impossible.

On August 29th 1997 I was taken into hospital, by then registered disabled for life, and unable to move any joint without severe pain. The miracle of healing began that night and despite the pain and swelling I awoke to discover a peace so sublime it was overwhelming. The healing began when a Christian nurse asked me if I believed Jesus could heal me. I did not hesitate, I knew He could.

The peace was a spectacular, spiritual healing that reached deep into my innermost being, a healing that was so awesome,  I look back now and see it as the essential and vital recovery, so important for me. 

I went to sleep the following night physically disabled, unable to walk or move without severe difficulty, and yet the peace and joy bubbling inside filled me with excitement, and love from Jesus so exquisite and unconditional I was cocooned into His very presence.

31st August 1997 was my second massive miracle. I awoke feeling different. I couldn't understand why at first, then gradually it dawned on me that I had no pain anywhere in my body. I felt around and discovered holes where swelling had been in my hips, and my hands were now perfect. At that moment of discovery two nurses appeared, they stared at me in disbelief.

"Is that you Julia?"

I remember thinking who else did they think would be attached to the drip and stuck in bed!

One of them asked if I had seen myself. As you can imagine by this time I was rearing to go and for the first time in twenty years I leaped out of bed with no assistance, grabbing the drip stand I headed for the mirror over a nearby sink. The person who looked out at me was unrecognizable. Gone was the steroid swollen 'moon' face, and looking back at me was the Julia of two decades earlier. I was stunned. The Consultant was stunned. He said on that morning, and also wrote in a letter months later, "There are more things in heaven and on earth than we know or understand."

The osteo porosis had crumbled bones in my thumb and x rays had shown the osteo arthritis damage, yet every cell was restored to the perfection in which it had been created.

For seven years after this miraculous healing we travelled around the country, and around the world giving testimony, encouraging, and reaching out to the hurting and physically sick, seeing miracles as the Lord Jesus touched the lives of His children. The Lord also created a charity, Y.O.Y.O. (Youngsters Onto Youth Outreach), and we ministered and served in the community with families and children, the children who came to our sessions were still coming back, even at 19yrs old, helping us with the youngsters.    

Seven years later after the first miracle, to the day, I found myself being cared for yet again by a Christian Nurse. A massive stand collapsed at the Christian event, 'Grapevine', in Lincolnshire. I had broken ribs.

From that moment in time our lives could have been overshadowed by the year by year events. They did sometimes leave us reeling, and emotionally worn out, however our lives were filled with light. 

The first week in September 2004 our hot tank burst in the loft and the kitchen ceiling came down around me. One week later our 24 year old son had a brain haemorrhage and brain surgery in October, two days before his 25th birthday.

This was the beginning of seven years of unbelievable trials, but also unbelievable daily miracles. Jesus supernaturally comforted and sustained us with a strength and resilience beyond human understanding. He was not a religious 'crutch', our emotions were not shut down, we simply trusted a God who loves us unconditionally, and who will give us the power to cope with terrible situations if we allow Him. He is our miracle working God.

This is just a brief outline of some of the things that happened in those seven years of trials.

HEALTH - A cancerous lump cut out from my forehead. Cataracts removed from both eyes. Cartilage removed from a knee after a fall on ice. Swine flu. Perforated appendix involving two operations. Lens implant going opaque requiring laser shots to clear it. Tested to give a kidney to my sister and finding I have a stone in one of my kidneys, and cysts in the other. (My sister eventually had a kidney transplant from a donor).                                                                                    Heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. 

Fourteen years to the day, after my original healing in 1997, I was again in hospital on a Coronary Care Unit, my heart was in atrial fibrilation. I had three cardiofversions (my heart stopped and started), and two ablations, laser on the heart muscle.

This was the beginning of our next seven years of encouraging others, giving hope to people struggling, and giving testimony to help increase faith. The beginning of H.O.P.E. Art, and YOYO Ministry Outreach through Testimony.

OUR SON - He started to have seizures a year after his brain surgery. He was in and out of hospital. Eventually he had to give up work and return home to live with us so we could care for him.

My Dad was moved into residential care near to us. There had been difficult issues with him after my Mum died. He died after a year in the home.

We entered into lengthy dispute with an electricity company after they suddenly took £1,500 a month by direct debit. The bank retrieved £3,000. Our electric meter wasn’t working and they estimated the bill. The dispute was ongoing and we suddenly found ourselves presented with a bill for thousands.
Still in dispute, while I was suffering from swine flu, they turned up on our property, and removed our outside meter replacing it with a key meter. We had no warning, and we were unable to stop them. Very unpleasant. Thankfully all was eventually sorted.

My companion, and sixteen year old canine friend died.

The house suffered considerable subsidence resulting in our living for three months in one room whilst the workmen stored our furniture and repaired the damage. It was one of the coldest winters for many years, and this was when I had a perforated appendix. Collapsing after the first op I had to have another one. 

Part of the solution for the subsidence was removal of huge trees, costing us a massive amount of money. The ones we could not afford to be included put us under pressure from people in the area, but thankfully they were eventually chopped down without costing us anything. God is good. 

We are not on mains water. The bore hole flooded and we lost the pump. A new water system from a well in the garden was installed, with three water treatment systems.

The Drainage Board appeared without warning and blocked off the river running past our house, where our well gets its water. Thankfully they removed the gate. Stagnation/drying up/flooding in heavy rainfall and a raised water table affecting our septic tank are all problematic. 

The Lord strengthened, and He kept us from falling away. Our faith grew and grew. Some of the pictures for Hope Art are linked to days when the Lord showed us in a real way how much He loves us, and we are never alone.

 Before my healing we had been at the same church for years but the Lord moved us, He directed us so we found teaching and equipping for the difficult years ahead. Some churches wanted to take ownership of YOYO and the Lord clearly told us “No”. We thrived and grew spiritually in this non denominational setting. We had and still have fellowship and blessings with and through so many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ.

A new season began when we became a House of Prayer after going to a Ffald Y Brennin talk and then staying there for several days. We also worked in a local school and led the Parenting Course. 

The first seven years were about testimony, preaching, and teaching, growing closer to God, setting up and working the charity, YOYO. The next seven years were to strengthen, to give more testimony and to equip us, going into churches, encouraging, witnessing and passing on what the Lord has shown us through each crisis and illness. I begin painting again. Flooding into my mind were empty canvasses the Lord was going to fill, and He did. The Lord told me that He would give me pictures that would speak to people and show them who He is. H.O.P.E. ART was born.  

We are now firmly established as a House of Prayer and will become a functioning Sanctuary for families, young people,  and individuals. The land is being cleared and prepared. We have a prayer Garden, Hope Corner which is a prayer room, a small swimming pool, plenty of outside space and places of tranquility to sit and get close to God. Being situated on the Somerset Levels we are surrounded by God's Creation.

The Lord has directed me what to prepare, and He has given us an incredible set of tools to bless and help people.

We have been keeping Biblical Prayer Watches throughout the Pandemic, and the Lord has been speaking to us clearly and profoundly as we 'lean in' to Him. The Prayer Watches have and are a blessing, alongside the daily confessions, decrees, declarations, blessings, scripture, and prophecies, for Corona Virus, our area, the United Kingdom and Israel.

We are so blessed.