The birthing of God’s vision, embracing  youngsters of five up to youth of seventeen.

The Lord gave us the name, Youngsters Onto Youth Outreach.

Y.O.Y.O. aims to provide healthy and proper alternatives for the children in our society, showing them love, kindness and proper values.

The Lord has shown us that our role is to present this vision not only to churches of every denomination but to every area of the community, where it is appropriate.


Y.O.Y.O. (Youngsters Onto Youth Outreach) vision.


Dennis and I have in the past lead the ministry team at a Children’s Church, but now with Y.O.Y.O. a registered charity I work full time with this, and Dennis at weekends, and for assemblies in the week when he can. We organise and run a weekly Saturday Y.O.Y.O. and Friday GOD SQUAD, Bible Clubs, Assemblies, weekly Christian Union, specific courses in schools, leadership training for youth, we sit on the local council forum for youth and are on a steering group committee for the area as well, we have also lead  Home-groups and Bible Studies for adults. All of this would have been impossible for me before 31.08. 97.


How the Y.O.Y.O. vision was  “birthed”.

So far the Lord has opened the vision in three stages.

The first stage came only months after my healing, and it was a revelation about the role of children and youth in our churches.

The devil has for many years, abused our children, and hindered the direction of children’s ministry. God revealed to us His plan for the outpouring of new wine into new wineskins….

The devil has for many years, abused our children and hindered the direction of children’s ministry. God’s workers are now having revealed to them plans for preparing the outpouring of new wine into the new wineskins….the children. This is being confirmed all over the world.

Churches are in the business of “repair mode”, helping people, who have been damaged by the world, to “sort out” and be healed from that damage.

When Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me” He was speaking to us. So often we look at children in the way the disciples did, we have sat them down and “entertained” them in our churches, while the first aid is kept going in the main body of the church, so  repair and deep healing from the scars of the world can be undertaken by the Holy Spirit on the youth, teenagers and adults brought into the churches by God. Of course this “repair “ work is essential but we need to look at the situation with new eyes, eyes with scales removed. If we reach the children before they are contaminated by the world, and they receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour at an early age they will walk with the Lord and not need repairing. They will take their places as small temples of Holy Spirit, (Holy Spirit is the same powerful Holy Spirit in children).

Jesus told us we must become like little children, they have a head start on us, we have much to learn               FROM THEM!

These small temples of the Holy Spirit will take their place

ministering beside the teens and adults HELPING WITH THE FIRST AID.

 We have allowed the devil to contaminate and ruin our children.

We must fight for our children BEFORE they need to be repaired.

By the time a child has reached the age of seven we are told by the experts that they have received all RELEVANT input to shape their lives. There are millions of children out there who are being sent into a spiritual minefield because the world reaches them before we reach them for Jesus, and when we finally do have them brought across our outreach as teenagers or adults, they are so damaged by the world they have to undergo painful repair and mending.

Television, videos, films, computers, toys, music, magazines, books, and the attitude of society that “anything goes” with violence, sex, perversion, demonic sci. fi. all saying to kids, it’s okay.

As Christians all our efforts have been focussed on evangelism towards the community which is quite right and proper but we need to declare war on the devil and society as far as our children are concerned.  Jesus showed us children….


Just imagine a church where children at a young age were being led and trained by Jesus! Their walk in the world would be protected, they would witness and get alongside other young children and bring them to the Lord, they would fulfil a role within the Body of Christ from an early age as they operate in the Gifts and with the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.


Our children are NOT the CHURCH OF TOMORROW



If we reached them at an early age there would be no problem with teenagers leaving the churches as they are now doing because as young children their part in the BODY OF CHRIST IS ESTABLISHED AND BEING FULFILLED.

As a church we MUST recognise that when a child invites the Lord Jesus into their hearts the Holy Spirit who takes up residence with them is not miniature or childlike, He is the same  Holy Spirit who lives in every believer, with that same awesome power.


Isaiah 11:6….a little child will lead them……..Psalm 8:2...From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.


The Lord is calling us into these prophetic words, He is going to pour the New Wine into New

Wineskins. Praise the Lord!!!  To God be the glory!!


The second stage of the YOYO Vision from the Lord came in the form of a training package.  Beginning with the youngsters seeking Jesus, and then a further programme for them as they mature, and for other youth to follow, enabling growth and development within the church body, establishing a role, and a place for them within the church organisation.


The third stage of the YOYO vision was to become a Registered Charity, this would allow YOYO freedom within all denominations of the church, and official acceptability in secular arena.